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released June 23, 2015



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Silence the Yearning Spain

Silence the Yearning was created in 2013 by two experienced musicians wanting to play old school gothic/doom metal with some post-punk and rock influences. Their first demo, Ruin, was self-released in 2015, and the band is now working on its follow-up.

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Track Name: Under iron
The hammer is lifted
Your world is darkened
You feel it, you see it
as you are filled with regret

They give you a shovel
to dig your own grave
and you comply eagerly
at this chance to die

Your stomach twists inside
as you feel the smile on her face
no anguish is felt
while swimming in velvet without you

The hammer falls heavy on your heart
Track Name: Rivers of biterness
running deeper
deeper than the furrows
in the rock of gray mountains
trapped in waves of roman water
thick from layers of salt

burning through my soul and armour
to quench the growth of my
they feed the fire inside me
inside my innocent
to cut my fingers off and bleed

False flags
are the bearers of truth.
is the bearer of light

false prophets
are the key to salvation

Cutting myself through the rivers of bitterness
while praying for more
My false god of hate
I pray to you for pain
may you never release me
for liberty is a cellar without wine
Track Name: Ruin
They are coming in their ships of stone
Heavy, sinking, but always pressing on
Cloaked in fog, salt and smoke
Restless souls chasing in on you

Horns! The thunder of the earth
We shiver like the ground itself

What do we do in the face of war
The weak hides under black leather
The frightend build walls
The children learns silence
The strong can not be found

Oh, wind of war
give speed to the black sails of stone and glass

Our homes are now just heaps of stone
and all the heaps
- shaped like ships
Track Name: The end of past victories
Floating river
I let my self drift
From this mountain
My destination:
As low as I can

Oh, water
embrace me.
Take me deep
take me far.
I long for
this escape.
From the higher
scores and rewards.

We're all climbing
in the mountain of our lives.
Yearning for the view
to be illuminated.
To see ourselves and what we built
And look for further riches.
The tournament against ourselves,
to beat past glories and prosper.

This ends now!

To the ocean floor.

I'll leave you to it.

You're the slaves of the mountain.
I'm no slave of the mountain.
Let go off the mountain